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The prostitution business in Thailand and its curiosities

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It has been talking about prostitution as a business since the 50s. This is very common in this country, where sensuality and lust combine for an explosive combination of pleasure and adventure for all those interested in the product.

This business has grown a lot in recent years and has generated different phenomena such as mass migration of men and women from the West who are looking for permanent sexual adventures. In addition, they are attracted to the oriental culture, where these women believe in many things like Honor and loyalty to your partner (of course, all that when you do not do business).

To enter a bit on the subject, it is necessary to know what is sexual tourism? This type of tourism is usually included in one of these countries, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the Philippines, Cuba or Thailand. This type of tourism has been practiced for a long time. Like prostitution, all this began when it was necessary for the military and sailors, who sought pleasure and adventure. This could create rest stops in ports and cities. However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the term “sex tourism” began to popularize.

Now, one of the questions most people ask is how was tourism in Thailand born? Well, although we do not know exactly who the first to carry out this practice was, we do know that everything began in the middle of 1443, ending the Vietnam War, when Thailand was popularized as the cradle of sex tourism.

Thai Girls
Thai Girls

Precisely at this time, it was when the United Nations pressured Thailand to declare illegal the prostitution business, with which they tried to combat everything that could attract this practice, such as sexually transmitted diseases, for example (eat on , that’s what condoms and abstinence were for).

Another important factor for this type of business is its price. The price of prostitution in Thailand is extremely low; this if we compare it with countries powers, with a relatively stable economy, for example, the United States and Spain. In Thailand, you can find prostitutes for only one Euro or one Dollar. You can also find prostitutes who offer services for an approximate amount of 100 Euros and 80 Dollars.

Another question that many people tend to ask is: How many sex workers exist in Thailand. Taking control of something like this is usually a bit challenging and impossible to know exactly, however there are studies carried out by external organizations, which have revealed an estimated 123,530 sex workers for 2014 according to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS.

However, for some years it has become a little impossible to know exactly about these numbers, due to the arrival of prostitutes from other countries such as Russia (tasty comrades, right?).

Many foreigners are concerned about the health situation of this type of business in this country. According to the United Nations, Thailand has had a growth in the rate of HIV in recent years, which manages to affect 9% of the population, with approximately 8,200 infections per year. That is why many bars and brothels in this country have chosen to perform monthly tests on their girls, so that they can meet the needs of the client and he does not worry about any disease (safety first).

On the other hand, we have the work done by the government, while the Minister of Tourism declared a time ago the intention that had to eradicate the prostitution industry in Thailand. They tried to demonstrate that the tourists who visited that country did it to know really their traditions, landscapes, and cultures; There are very few people in the government who have said they want to do something about it (it’s a multi-million dollar business).

Thai Girls
Thai Girls

All this, because if there was a break in this business, it could affect the pocket of that country. It must be taken into account that in 2013 the government tried to legalize prostitution, which in their opinion would regulate the situation and allow them to reduce spending in their battle against corruption, and the mafias, while generating income from the rates and taxes derived from the sex industry

However, the proposal of the Ministry of Justice remained in the cabinet and did not go ahead (of course men). Now the government seeks to solve the situation by carrying out raids like those carried out in Bangkok, some time ago in which they arrested more than 100 sex workers, among whom were 15 minors. They have also carried out campaigns to raise awareness among the population and those tourists who tend to take advantage of the legal loopholes in the country. In addition, they carry out campaigns to support women’s tourism (we do not know what the hell are they talking about).

Clearly, this is a powerful country in the sexual sphere, what the government seeks to do is to avoid something that has been happening for many years. However, it is practically impossible to stop the increase in the rate of prostitution, and many of these women only seek to escape from their economic reality, while many foreigners only seek to satisfy their sexual needs.

Also, we must take into account that just as we find women of this type, there are also women who are in this business only because they have no way of living, and this is one of the businesses that can generate more money per night. While there are many tourists just looking to escape from their reality at home or work, this is undoubtedly a country with great potential, with cultures very different from those we usually find in the rest of the world.

If you are a foreigner eager to seek sexual company, you should visit this country, as long as you know how to choose your provider very well. Usually these women avoid falling into this life if they know someone who can meet all their whims, and who can buy everything they need, and often respond very well to this, is where they could better experience the sexual pleasure that can generate a Thai girl, who are highly complacent and dedicated to fulfill your fantasies.

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