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Thai Girls

All women should be treated with love and afection, especially if your intentions are to have sex with her and if you would like to experience the wildest of all the Thai girls, try to be a nice guy, not an imbecile like most the people who go to Thailand. Do not think that you are in a movie where they treat women as a sexual object, nothing more. Being in the Land of the Smiles does not mean that you will have everything easy, so that your trip is the best possible, I will give you some tips to get to nirvana in Thailand.


Just because you pay for sex does not automatically mean that it will give you the most incredible night you’ve ever had or that you’ll be happy to do it with you.

Like any other girl, you need to warm her up and cheer her up. You should make her feel comfortable and graceful. These girls are human beings with feelings like girls who do not work for sex. Most boys are physically stronger than them. If anything unforeseen or unpleasant happens, like the guy turns out to be an abusive pussy, he cannot do much about it except try to run away.

Thai Girls
Thai Girls

Make her feel safe and secure, it will be much easier for her to relax and have fun too. Most guys get drunk, then they go into a nightclub or a bar, choose a girl, then go straight to a hotel (the first one they get) and have a short experience without talking to the girl. Then, later, they complain that they did not get the incredible time they read online before going to Thailand.

Do not be this guy, try to be a fun guy, I’m not saying you should be a man of God, because it really will not happen, however, just make the girl feel comfortable and happy to be with you, earn her trust and you’ll see the Glory, believe me.

So, where I want you to come with this report, you should find out what it is about. Ask her name, where is she from in Thailand? What are your interests? How long have you been working here? What food do you like?

Tell him a little about you too, and if you have perverse or intimidating things that you want to do with the girl, it’s a good time to ask her about that and see what she thinks about it. Do not be shy, you have heard everything before.

And they will be more willing to do it if you ask them first, it is not as if they had not done it before, they have much more experience than the average citizen.

If there is no chemistry between you and the girl, it is very likely that you will not have a good time with her, since she will do very little to please you, and you will not like being around her either, since she is not the happy, graceful and funny girl that you’d like to have.

Always keep in mind that paying for your service does not make you your teacher or your owner. If you really want to have the best experience imagine you’re on a date with the sexiest girl you’ve ever met and if you’re a bad person with her You will be good in bed with you, after all you are not the only man you can meet, there will always be many more after you.



Now let’s talk about security, Thailand can be a dangerous place for the naïve and trusting, always pay attention to your environment and most importantly respect people. The best thing you can do in Thailand to stay safe is to always be calm and educated. Always low profile.

Many men are in doubt as to whether Thailand is really safe to travel. They read of many crimes, like people who die stabbed by local thugs and tourists who die in traffic accidents.

For that I will say. Thailand is a safe place if you use your head. With that I mean:

Always respect the people, the culture and the local authorities. Never get too drunk, since bullies are targeting drunken people because they are an easier target. Never be aggressive. Pay your bills. Be careful in traffic If you can follow these little tips, which will not cost you much, there is a 99.999% that will arrive at your house without problems. Always remember that if you do not do anything stupid, nothing will happen to you.

Most of the prostitutes that you will meet will be very honest, friendly and will be to make you happy. They will be your girlfriend at night and you will have an excellent time to enjoy. But sometimes you can find a black sheep that does not look for those good wishes for you.


Here are some tips you can take to stay safe around the girls at the bar:

Never go with a girl you suspect is drugged. It will probably be fun to be with her while they are high, but then the drugs will disappear (in your hotel room) and they will become a disaster.

Be very careful when going with independent professionals. If you are robbed, you do not have a bar to which you can return to complain or have your belongings returned.

If you suspect that a girl can become a problem, get rid of her. You do not want that problem inside your hotel room. Thai people are not very supportive of conflicts, nobody will help you.


Thai Girls
Thai Girls


Money, credit cards, passports and small cameras are easy to keep safe.

Simply place it inside your hotel safe when you return to the hotel with your temporary girlfriend. Larger things like laptops and video cameras may not fit inside a hotel safe. That’s why you should:

Always have the girl shower first. When you finish bathing, make sure your purse and clothing stay in the bathroom when it is your turn to shower. If you want to steal, you will have to run out of the hotel in a towel with your laptop and your camera, which will not happen. Always keep the friendly and confident treatment that made your night fun. Never try to run away from what you owe a girl. Always make sure you have enough money to pay.

Some girls have “money collectors” who will make sure you pay, and it will not be nice for you if you do not have enough money.

What makes Thai girls are above other prostitutes in Amsterdam or anywhere else in Europe. That means, they are the best in terms of the experience that men experience, they behave like your girlfriend, they will take you by the hand, she will kiss you, clean your room, never tell you to speed up or finish fast, she will not be demanding or confront you all the time. When you have agreed a price at the bar, you will never mention the money again. In fact, if innocent people found you on the street, you would never suspect that the person you were with was a prostitute.

Have fun in the best possible way with the hottest Thai girls, you will get one of the best experiences of your life. Always respect the locals and the women who work there, do not try to be too smart, avoid any problem or inconvenience and enjoy to the fullest in the Land of Smiles.

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